Florida Pandemic Recovery Taskforce Report

We are all looking forward to fully reopen our businesses and bring things back to normal. But the process cannot be rushed as we all have to work together to avoid Covid19 to regain strength. At the bottom you will find a link to the “Florida Pandemic Recovery Taskforce Report” announcing how reopening will be phased and what businesses and services should do to properly execute it.

While the report does not explain specifics, we as professionals have to work and implement solutions to make these realities happen in pro of generating a safety environment and positive impact in our communities, employees and customers.

Responsibility and sound execution will have a great impact in our business, no doubt, even when it seems investing in implementing solutions at the moment looks financially complicated. Only those who adapt faster will survive, as resilience and adaptability will be key in our business continuity and survival.

Link: Florida Pandemic Recovery Taskforce Report