Terms of Use

As of January 1st, 2022

You must agree to these terms in order to become or continue to remain a member of the Hospitality Vendor Network and to maintain access to this website and all its functionality. If you have any questions, please contact a Leadership Team member for more information.

MemberVisitorFees & DuesDefinitionsLimitations


You are required to;

  • Display professional and respectful behavior with all members and leads
  • Complete and maintain your profile
  • Keep current with membership dues
  • Attend all member meetings
  • Share two qualified leads per week with other members
  • Enter and/or update all leads online
  • Attend HVN sponsored networking events
  • Read Leads, comments and the “Referral” flag on leads before making contact
  • Invite visitors in open categories as potential new members

You are entitled to;

  • Website profile
  • Access to online lead / referral system
  • Insider information about hospitality businesses
  • Reduced rate for HVN sponsored networking events


As a visitor, you are able to attend two meetings in in order to decide if an HVN membership is right for you. If you want to attend meetings after your first two, you are required to;

  • Display professional and respectful behavior with all members and leads
  • Complete and submit an application
  • Read and agree to the Terms of Use for your intended membership type
  • Discuss membership requirements with your local Leadership Team
  • Attend ALL meetings during the review process
  • Participate by getting to know the members’ businesses
  • Teach members about your business, be specific about who you want to meet and why
  • Share appropriate industry information
  • Share leads & referrals where appropriate

Application Fee

The Hospitality Vendors Network charges a one-time $49 fee for all applications.

Member Dues

Member Dues are $500 per year and are payable on the 14th day of your membership and each subsequent anniversary. You are required to pay electronically via our online payment gateway.

If not paid on the first day, your membership may be suspended, meaning that you will lose access to the online leads system and you may also be barred from attending meetings.

If not paid within 14 days, your membership may be terminated and your category opened for a new applicant.

Chapter Fees or Dues

Members may be required to pay monthly dues or other fees for the chapter’s purposes. These dues and / or fees are set by the local chapter leadership. If you have any questions, please ask local leadership.


Dues and Fees are the responsibility of the member regardless of membership level and as such are not transferable to any other member.


All Dues and Fees are non-refundable.

Qualified Leads

A Qualified Lead has at least one form of contact information; email, office phone or mobile phone.

Member Meetings

Member Meetings are held each week. You can find the meeting time, location, directions, special instructions, parking and other information on the Events calendar. Please arrive early to situate yourself, introduce your guests, and be prepared to start on time.

Professional Behavior

All members are required to display a positive and respectful attitude with other members and leads. If you have an issue with another member, you are required to keep the issue confidential. Please attempt to work it out between yourselves before approaching the local Leadership Team for assistance.

Read Leads

Before making contact with a lead listed in the system, you are REQUIRED to read all the comments in full, especially the “Referral” flag. Respect any requests for confidentiality and follow any special instructions for contact.

Hospitality Vendors Network sponsored networking events

HVN sponsors industry networking events, sometimes with partner organizations, in order to maximize the value of your membership. It is critical to the group’s success that as many members attend as possible. This will raise our group’s profile in the industry and give more weight when we make contact with potential customers. In the end, these efforts help to bring more customers to our members with less cold calling.

Enter / Update Leads

All members are required to enter and update any information they have about leads. This is the only mechanism we have to be able to track and share and will be used to determine your adherence to requirements. Please be sure to take advantage of tips and training in the Help menu if you have any issues using system features.


All Members and Substitutes are required to enter and maintain their company and personal information for display in the member directory. This information helps to make our group’s image more professional and leads to greater visibility for you as a member. It is also used for the quick contact list other members will use to reach out to you with hot leads and referrals. Fill in the cover photo with your logo and user photo with a professional head-shot for maximum effect. If you do not fill in these elements, the board may deactivate your profile in the directory in order to maintain the group’s professional appearance.

Unexcused Absences

Each member is allowed 3 unexcused absences per each 6 month period starting January 1 and July 1 of each year. On the 4th unexcused absence the member is placed under Probation and may be subject to removal from the chapter.

Excused Absences or Leaves of Absence

Excused Absences are Leaves of Absence are issued at the sole discretion of the chapter’s leadership team and may be for reasons as varied as extended medical issues, maternity leave, sabbaticals, etc.

They may not exceed 3 months. If a term longer than 3 months is required, the chapter’s leadership may, under rare circumstances, decide to allow a temporary replacement with a person from the same company. If no suitable temporary replacement can be found, the category will be opened.


A Member may be placed on Probation for reasons related to non-performance or non-compliance with Member requirements (see the Member tab above).

When a Member is placed on Probation, they must comply with all Member requirements until the probationary period is completed. Any violation by the Member may result in immediate Removal from the chapter.


If a Member is Removed from the chapter for any violation of the Terms and Conditions, their Membership is revoked and and remaining dues are forfeit.

No Guarantee

While we believe that participation in an HVN chapter and use of the HVN computer platform can have a beneficial effect on your sales efforts, the HVN does not guarantee any specific results from your participation in a chapter and/or use of the system.

Member Replacement

In the event a member resigns or is terminated from their chapter, they may not designate a replacement. All applications must be vetted by the chapter’s leadership according to HVN policies and procedures and processed accordingly.